About Us

A trusted, local resource for physical therapy for 25 years.

Our mission at Donna P. Johnson Physical Therapy, P.C. has always been to provide high-quality, one-on-one patient care. We have done so for over 25 years and will continue to do so. Our commitment to our patients is unwavering.

Donna P. Johnson Physical Therapy, P.C., is a local, trusted resource for the rehabilitation of non-surgical injuries, surgical injuries and worker compensation injuries. We want to express gratitude to all of our patients and the communities around us for making us the “go-to” clinic for physical therapy services. The quality of the care we provide to our patients is highlighted whenever a patient asks for us specifically to receive their physical therapy care from us.

Our amazing team of Physical Therapists and front office personnel are available to you in both Fair Haven, VT and at our new office in Poultney, VT! Having these two neighboring clinics allow for greater access to Physical Therapy for patients and the availability of appointments is timely. Often next-day appointments are an option.

Our staff at Donna P. Johnson Physical Therapy, P.C, is committed to staying current with the latest concepts, treatment techniques and tools in their field via continuing education courses and seminars. Our clinical staff includes four physical therapists. We offer years of experience and competence in the following areas: general orthopedics, overuse injuries, sports-related injuries, work conditioning, spinal care, neurological conditions, pediatric conditions and vestibular (balance) rehabilitation.

Owner-Physical Therapist Ryan Mahar, PT, DPT states, “Physical therapy addresses a broad range of conditions. If you or a family member are not sure if physical therapy is appropriate, feel free to contact us at any time via phone or email. In addition, check out our website (www.DonnaJohnsonPT.com). This allows the community to learn more about our facility, to become more educated about physical therapy and various injuries, as well to contact the physical therapists or office staff directly via personalized emails! You can also ‘LIKE’ us on Facebook and find more information there.”

From our Vermont offices, we will continue to provide the same level of care you have come to expect and appreciate from all of us at Donna P. Johnson Physical Therapy, PC. It is our intent to reach out with patient education and empower people to return to their everyday home, work and play activities. With the use of home exercise programs, in-house educational bulletin boards, educational newspaper articles geared towards improved wellness and injury prevention and now with additional educational tools on our website, we strive to make you healthier and more active.

We accept many insurances, including Medicare, regardless of where you live (New York or Vermont). Donna P. Johnson Physical Therapy, P.C., is available to you and your family in both offices from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Thursday.